Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment


The purpose of this site is to "house" important links, resources and research that impact our teachers, instructional coaches, principals, and most importantly, our students.  It does not encompass all aspects of our supports for teaching and learning but is a starting point!  Any questions, please contact Angie Butler, Director of Instruction (319) 385-7750.

Districtwide Plans and information for learners and their families include our required plans for English Language Learners, Special Education Services, Talented and Gifted, Homeless McKinney-Vento supports. 


English Language Learners 

Homeless Students (McKinney Vento Legislation)

  • District Liaisons:  Director of Instruction and Family Student Advocate (please call 319/385-7750 for details)
  • Iowa Department of Education Definition of a Homeless Child/Youth:
    • A homeless child or youth ages 3-21;
    • A child who lacks a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence and includes the following:
      • A child who is sharing the housing of others (includes doubled-up families) due to loss of housing, economic hardship, or a similar reason; is living in a motel, hotel, or camping grounds due to the lack of alternative accommodations; is living in an emergency or transitional shelter; is abandoned in a hospital
      • A child who has a primary nighttime residence that is a public or private place not designed for or ordinarily used as a regular sleeping accommodation for humans beings
      • A child who is living in a car, park, abandoned building, substandard housing, bus or train station, or similar setting; or
      • A migratory child/youth who qualifies as homeless because of the living circumstances described above
        • Includes youth who have runaway or youth being forced to leave home.

Special Education Services 

Talented and Gifted 

Middle and High School Information

The Curriculum is from a variety of sources and is aligned to the Iowa Core Standards. Your student in grades 6-12 will have a laptop to access most of their curriculum online through our Learning Management System called Canvas.

Assessments are primarily developed through the curriculum. 

Grades 6-12 students will also be assessed by using the Measures of Academic Progress (MAPS) twice each year in the content areas of Reading, Math, Language Arts, and Science.   

The Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress is a state-required test given in the spring of each year.  The content assessed is Reading, Math, Language Arts, and Writing in grades 6-11 and Science in grades 8 and 10.

SAEBRs: (Social, Academic, Emotional, Behavior, Risk Screener) and mySAEBRS will be given to all students 3 times per year in grades 6-12. 

Elementary Schools Information


Reading:  CKLA Amplify Reading (Parent Information Site)

Math:  Ready Math by Curriculum and Associates (Parent Overview)

Science:  Mystery Science

Social Studies: TCI Social Studies

Social Emotional Behavioral Health (CASEL Standards):  Zones of Regulation, Morning Meetings, Sanford Harmony


Reading:  Formative Assessment for Teachers (FAST) Grades K-5 and will be given 3 times per year

Math:  iReady Grades K-5 and will be given 3 times per year

SAEBRs: (Social, Academic, Emotional, Behavior, Risk Screener) Grades K-5 and mySAEBRs grades 2-5 and will be given 3 times per year. 

Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress: (ISASP) Grades 3-5 in Reading, Language Arts, Writing, Math, and Science in 5th Grade. This state required test
is given in the spring of each year.