Policy 100: Statement of Guiding Philosophy

Mission Statement

       The mission of the Mount Pleasant Community School District is to empower students to achieve without limits.


 We believe….

  1. the foundation of our decision making process will be what is best for students.
  2. our program will provide pathways for future success; students will have the ability to communicate, problem solve, and be skilled with technology.
  3. in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment where all members of the learning community demonstrate respect, compassion, and acceptance.
  4. students learn differently and will be engaged in learning experiences that meet their individual needs.
  5. the needs of each student will be met so they can grow physically, emotionally, and intellectually.
  6. a quality education is a shared responsibility that is achieved through meaningful collaboration among staff, students, families, and community members.
  7. Mount Pleasant students will receive a high quality educational experience. (global, world class)
  8. all students can learn when provided with proper support, motivation, and guidance.



Vision Statement

      Mount Pleasant Community School District will create an environment dedicated to empowering all students to achieve individual excellence. The vision will be supported by . . .

  • State of the Art Facilities
  • Community Partnerships
  • Financial Stability
  • Teaching and Learning

           Recruitment and Retention/Professional Development

  • Innovation & Research
  • Advanced Technology
  • Healthy Nutritional Program
  • Quality Transportation
  • Student Learning & Opportunities

           Academic Programs


  • Assessment/Accountability-(woven into each above category)



Date of Adoption:  July 13, 1982 

Reviewed:  June 18, 1990; June 10, 1991; Feb. 10, 1992; Jan. 16, 1995;  March 8, 2004; April 14, 2008  Nov. 13, 2000; March 8, 2004; Nov. 12, 2012; June 9, 2014; Dec. 12, 2016; Nov. 18, 2019; Nov. 14, 2022

Amended:  June 8, 1987; February 20, 1995; June 9, 2014