Policy 700: Purpose of Non-Instructional and Business Services

This series of the board policy manual is devoted to the goals and objectives for the school district's non-instructional services and business operations that assist in the delivery of the education program. These non-instructional services include, but are not limited to, transportation and food service program. The Board, as it deems necessary, will provide additional noninstructional services to support the education program.

It shall be the goal of the Board to provide non-instructional services and to conduct its business operations in an efficient manner.

The Board of Directors recognizes that its primary purpose is to provide the best education possible within the limits of the established curriculum and the financial liability of the Mount Pleasant Community School District. The Board of Directors also recognizes its responsibility to the citizens of the District for the efficient use of public funds. It shall, therefore, be the duty of the Board of Directors to determine guidelines for the most effective use of public funds and for reporting to the public.

Date of Adoption: August 20, 1974

Reviewed: April 13, 1992; May 14; 2001; Feb. 14. 2006; March 9, 2015; November 12, 2018; Nov. 8, 2021